About... Friends

What is the "Friends" feature all about?

The "Friends" feature allows you to keep track of the progress of friends. You will be included on your own list of friends and members are ranked on the number of problems solved. Unlike the score tables for Awards, Locations, and Languages you will be able to see the Progress page of each of your friends by clicking his/her username. It is hoped that it provides an opportunity to develop healthy competition between friends and/or colleagues where you live or in your workplace, university, school.

How do I get friends on my list?

There are two ways...

  1. At the bottom of your Friends page you will see "My Friend Key". By giving your private Friend Key to your friends they can use this to add you to their list and they will be automatically added to your list.
  2. Alternatively by entering your friend's key in the "New Friend Key" box your friend will be added to your list and you will be added to his/her list.

What if one of my friends has people on his/her list which I do not want to see my progress?

No one has access to your list of friends. You can only see a friend which has been mutually added (you added him/her or he/she added you). For example, you might have Alice and Bob on your list. This means that you can see Alice and Bob's progress and they can see your progress, but unless Alice has added Bob to her list or Bob has added Alice to his list then they will not be able to see each other.

Can I remove a friend?

If you click the "Delete" icon at the right side of the table next to your friend then he/she will be removed from your list and you will be removed from his/her list. However, if you have removed a friend and he/she still has your private Friend Key then he/she could enter it again and rejoin your list. In such cases you can click the "Generate New Key" button and this will make your old key invalid. Note also that generating a new key will not remove friends on your current list which used the old key.