About... Aliases

What is an alias?

If your preferred username has already been taken then you can use an alias instead. This is the name that will be displayed in score tables and problem threads.

I am quite happy with my username so do I have to use an alias?

Aliases are entirely optional. If you leave the alias field blank then your username will be used.

Are there any restrictions?

An alias has the same length/character restrictions as a username, but you may also use spaces to create a more user friendly identifier. However, please note that whereas usernames are unique it is possible for more than one member to have the same alias. For this reason all aliases will appear in italics.

I changed my alias so why is my old alias/username still showing?

The score tables for levels, awards, countries, and languages are cached each hour so it may take time for your new alias to appear. However, please be aware that the problem threads are also cached but they are only updated when a new post is made or an exisiting post in the thread is edited/deleted.