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IDDescription / TitleSolved By
351Hexagonal orchards
352Blood tests
353Risky moon
354Distances in a bee's honeycomb
355Maximal coprime subset
356Largest roots of cubic polynomials
357Prime generating integers
358Cyclic numbers
359Hilbert's New Hotel
360Scary Sphere
361Subsequence of Thue-Morse sequence
362Squarefree factors
363B├ęzier Curves
364Comfortable distance
365A huge binomial coefficient
366Stone Game III
367Bozo sort
368A Kempner-like series
370Geometric triangles
371Licence plates
372Pencils of rays
373Circumscribed Circles
374Maximum Integer Partition Product
375Minimum of subsequences
376Nontransitive sets of dice
377Sum of digits, experience 13
378Triangle Triples
379Least common multiple count
380Amazing Mazes!
381(prime-k) factorial
382Generating polygons
383Divisibility comparison between factorials
384Rudin-Shapiro sequence
385Ellipses inside triangles
386Maximum length of an antichain
387Harshad Numbers
388Distinct Lines
389Platonic Dice
390Triangles with non rational sides and integral area
391Hopping Game
392Enmeshed unit circle
393Migrating ants
394Eating pie
395Pythagorean tree
396Weak Goodstein sequence
397Triangle on parabola
398Cutting rope
399Squarefree Fibonacci Numbers
400Fibonacci tree game