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IDDescription / TitleSolved By
302Strong Achilles Numbers
303Multiples with small digits
305Reflexive Position
306Paper-strip Game
307Chip Defects
308An amazing Prime-generating Automaton
309Integer Ladders
310Nim Square
311Biclinic Integral Quadrilaterals
312Cyclic paths on SierpiƄski graphs
313Sliding game
314The Mouse on the Moon
315Digital root clocks
316Numbers in decimal expansions
3182011 nines
319Bounded Sequences
320Factorials divisible by a huge integer
321Swapping Counters
322Binomial coefficients divisible by 10
323Bitwise-OR operations on random integers
324Building a tower
325Stone Game II
326Modulo Summations
327Rooms of Doom
328Lowest-cost Search
329Prime Frog
330Euler's Number
331Cross flips
332Spherical triangles
333Special partitions
334Spilling the beans
335Gathering the beans
336Maximix Arrangements
337Totient Stairstep Sequences
338Cutting Rectangular Grid Paper
339Peredur fab Efrawg
340Crazy Function
341Golomb's self-describing sequence
342The totient of a square is a cube
343Fractional Sequences
344Silver dollar game
345Matrix Sum
346Strong Repunits
347Largest integer divisible by two primes
348Sum of a square and a cube
349Langton's ant
350Constraining the least greatest and the greatest least